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On days 9th, 14th and 16th May the magic of theater has involved the schools that have joined to a specific package under the Plan of Environmental Education in Schools of the project LIFE+ RI.CO.PR.I. The onset of the activity has occurred at the Comprehensive Institute “L. Sinisgalli” of Potenza, where some primary school students participated in an educational workshop held by the company Gommalacca Teatro of Potenza. Play, imagination, creativity were the key ingredients that have brought forth the enthusiasm and interaction of children, which they have imagined to be in a sea full of fish to swim with a raft, or in a forest, with flowers, trees, animals and fences. Then the students attended a theatrical performance, “The little Flora”, where two actors, Mimmo Conte e Maria Chiara Racana, have played a little girl and a shepherd who meet in a prairie. A sheep, a butterfly and some flowers were the main props that, with their brightness, have attracted the attention of school children, that were encouraged to become part of the representation. The show was also staged at the headquarters of the Regional Park Gallipoli Cognato Piccole Dolomiti Lucane, where there were the students of the Comprehensive Institute of Pignola. The last day of the workshop and of the representation took place in the province of Rome, at the Comprehensive Institute “Giovanni Pierluigi” of Castel San Pietro Romano. Other educational activities, forming part of the two-year project Praticambiente, were completed at some schools in the territory of the Park Gallipoli Cognato. The project, conducted by the Cooperative Nuova Atlantide, manager of the CEAS “Dolomiti Lucane”, has set itself the goal of increasing the sensitivity not only of the younger generation, but also of the entire population, compared to the habitats of Community interest in the SCI-SPA Dolomiti di Pietrapertosa. During the first year, which ended with a final event at the park headquarters, primary schools and secondary schools have been involved in the teaching of environmental education, and secondary school children also attended an educational workshop theoretical and practical. During the second year, the pupils were engaged into the study of issues related aspects of management of a protected area. The final event was held in Pietrapertosa on 22th April.

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