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It is a league that has affected the Province of Potenza and the Province of Rome, putting competing schools of the two provinces through several cultural challenges on the theme of environmental education and on the specific themes of the institutes, with multiple choice questions on the model of the greatest tv quiz. The strength of the quiz is given by the competition of students of two institutes of two different provinces.

Thanks to the technology of the Audience Response System (ARS), the students were the absolute protagonists of the proposed quiz, responding in real time, with push-button wireless to the questions projected on a giant screen and modulated by the exclusive software of the suite “Ars Power”, designed specifically for the entertainment with rich multimedia content (audio, video, animations).


They were involved only two institutions, one for the Province of Potenza and one for the Province of Rome. In choosing the type of school, also considered the issues of the project Life+ Ri.co.pr.i., it was considered appropriate to seek Professional Institutes with address Services for Agriculture and Rural Development, in particular have been the IPASR “G. Fortunato” for the Province of Potenza, with offices in Potenza, Lagopesole, Genzano and Sant’Archangelo and the ITA “E. Sereni” for the Province of Rome, located in San Vito Romano.


The Agricultural Technical Institute E. Sereniin San Vito Romano won.

After nine qualifying sessions and more than 250 students involved in the classes of the three years of the two institutions in the province of Rome on the 28th May 2013 there were the final competitions in San Vito Romano in province of Rome at the Caesar Theater.

Two teams of six students competed for the top spot, a representative of the roman institute and a representative of the institute of Basilicata region, composed of students of IPASR “G. Fortunato” with seat in Lagopesole. The Councillor for Culture and Community Policies and Youth of the Province of Potenza, Francesco Pietrantuono, congratulated with the students who have earned the top spot and pointed out the success of the Quiz Game, created by the Province of Potenza. The Director of the City of San Vito Romano, Cesare Pompa, awarded the runners, or the students of the Agricultural Institute “G. Fortunato”. Studio, fun and competition, a perfect mix to encourage new generations to environmental issues and to the contents of the project. In fact, the same students who took part in the Quiz Game attended even in training activities organized by the Province of Potenza contained in the Plan for Environmental Education in the Schools which offered numerous tools and teaching aids used in workshops and lectures in classroom conducted by the Coordinators of Communication Project Ri.co.pr.i., Anna Maria and Donato Calabrese Sileo.

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Here’s the video of the final competition: