Province of Rome

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Name of the coordinating beneficiary

Province of ROME


Via IV Novembre 119 A





REFERENTE Dott.ssa Maria Vinci



Department V / 1 Service “Environment (protected areas regional parks)"


Via Tiburtina 691












Project Manager:

Maria Vinci

Responsible for the project Director of Environmental Services (protected areas regional parks)

Arch. Rosanna Cazzella

Administrative coordinator:

Antonella De Angelis


Marcello Brancato

Tor Vergata University

Pasquale Salerno

Province of Potenza

Angela Ciliberti

Park of Gallipoli Cognato

Michele Miglionico

CIA of Basilicata

Brief description of the activities of the coordinating beneficiary and of the experience in the field

The province of Rome possesses a great wealth of biodiversity of particular importance and interest, which concerns not only the natural habitats but also the different species of flora and fauna. The focus of the Province of Rome to such assets is done through the governance of the territory (remember that in the General Provincial Territorial Plan the Ecological Network assumes great importance), both through targeted actions and direct management, through the Environmental Service, of six of the Protected Areas Regional falling within the rich natural heritage of the Region of Lazio. This management is done through a responsible promotion, programming, a planning and a regulation, especially with the objective to promote and safeguard the great natural heritage of the province and improve the relationship between man and nature, without neglecting the development of the territory and of its production companies with a view to sustainability.

With regard to issues related to environmental issues and sustainability, the Province of Rome plays an important activity of information, education and awareness in the community administered in addition to managing direct interventions. In particular, the technicians who work within the Department V "Agricultural Resources and Environmental," have always been involved in the protection of natural habitats, flora and fauna with both indirect activities through planning instruments such as the Spatial Plan of the Nature Reserves managed and some SCI Management Plans, either by direct interventions. Among the specific conservation actions implemented, some were activated with the financial participation of the European Community, as the project LIFE97 NAT/IT/004145, also on the maintenance of grassland habitats as the project RI.CO.PR.I. in progress. As part of the project RI.CO.PR.I. the Province of Rome plays the role of coordinator with the technical and administrative responsibility towards the project partners and the European Commission, by directly following the implementation of the project through the figure of the project manager. The Province of Rome also participates in monitoring actions on the prairies and implements interventions related to the improvement of habitats affected by the project, that are located in the region.